About us

Helsingborg By Bike offers city tours by bike along with a guide in and around the city of Helsingborg, bike rental and custom bike tours for exercisers on bicycle.

Helsingborg By Bike is run by the company Trip on Sport AB which is based in Helsingborg.

I, the initiator Fredrik Jansson, will do my utmost to make you have a pleasant cycling experience during your visit.

Welcome to us in Helsingborg!

Fredrik Jansson

Our Vision

Helsingborg is best seen from a bicycle. The feeling of freedom, fresh air in your lungs and the proximity to the city and the countryside around it enriches the experience and enhances self-esteem.

As a visitor in Helsingborg it should be easy to assimilate the experiences he city and surroundings have to offer in terms of nature and culture. If you want to exercise or just move this will be an all natural combination.

We want Helsingborg to be associated with positive memories and experiences and we believe that these are best created through positive interaction between people where one in a personal way may take Helsingborg to his heart.

Our Mission

We should do the services bike hire and guided tours readily available to anyone who visits Helsingborg. Whether you are coming from abroad or grew up in Helsingborg, you should be able to balance listening to our guide's stories about the places we pass along with the tours, as well as the history of Helsingborg.

Good tips for those looking to experience Helsingborg

Why ride a bike?
With a bike you can stop so much faster than on foot, and yet so much more smoothly than by car. And you have time to really see everything because the tempo automatically is ideal to catch a look around.
How can I be sure I’m cycling the right way?
We provide tours where a guide will accompany you. Our guide bikes with you and show the way so that you and your party always takes the path that is immediately appealing and that takes you to the finest and most interesting places.
Where can I learn more about the different places in and around Helsingborg?
During the tours the guide will tell you about the history of Helsingborg, Fredriksdal, Sofiero, beaches, hiking areas, art galleries and more. We love Helsingborg! We think you will do it to!
What clothes should I wear?
Ordinary clothing is excellent. Avoid wearing skirt because this could possibly flutter into the bicycle wheel. Regular shoes or sneakers are recommended.
Do I have to wear a helmet or other equipment?
We strongly recommend that you wear a helmet during the tours. We have helmets in various sizes which are included in the rent of the bike. You do not have to take anything else with you.
Do I need to be physically fit?
No, you must not be specially trained. While we also provide customized programs for well-trained cyclists, the vast majority of our customers are quite ordinary people who just want a quiet leisurely bike ride and to take advantage of the nice surroundings by bike.
What happens if I get tired and are unable to continue?
Remember that there are bicycles with electric motors that help when you need it. If we get a headwind or uphill the engine helps so that you can continue unhindered. In case anything unexpected happen our service truck will always be ready to step out and pick us up.