Our Bikes

Electric bicycles in comfort class
Forget hills and headwinds. The electric motor provides you with help when needed.

On our electric bikes anyone can feel like a well-trained professionals. This is perhaps the most innovative elctric bike ever. Here all of which can be defined practical is removed in favor of simplicity. You'll be speeding along to various activities on an electric bicycle with style.

Rates / Rent an e-bike:
Half a dag: 45 EUR / 395 SEK
A whole day: 55 EUR / 495 SEK
Two whole days: 95 EUR / 850 SEK

The following is included when you rent the bike:

Routines for rent

You are solely responsible for the value of the bicycle during the time you rent the bike. (insurance is able to subscribe when renting a bike). When you hire the bike you leave 500 SEK in deposit refunded upon return provided that the bike is in the same condition as when it was picked up. The cost of any blemishes under 500 SEK will be deducted on your deposit before the remaining balance is returned.

Below are some examples of some damages and its respective cost.