Our Popular Tours

Guided tour of the stunning countryside north of Helsingborg. The tour ends on Sofiero which is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe.
This tour focuses on the experience of nature and the beautiful surroundings of Helsingborg. We will make short stops along the way to tell you briefly about the places we pass through during the tour.

Guided tour with short visits to some of the attractions of Helsingborg. A bike ride that goes down in history.
During this tour we will visit among other Fredriksdal and the world famous well of mineral water in Ramlösa where we drink the purifying water directly from its source. After a cozy lunch at Pålsjö Food & Bar, we visit Sofiero and maybe there will be time for an ice cream in the sunshine ...

Guided tour where we cruise between the favorite spots in Kullabygden along the beautiful coast of Skåne.
This is the excursion for you who want to see the beautiful coastal strip between Helsingborg and Kullaberg/Mölle. A really affordable package where we always have our support vehicle with us that can assist if necessary. During the tour we do, except for a filling lunch break, two stops with light refreshments to replenish our energy supply.